Stamp of Approval

We needed to check to make sure the Brand Mojo lovers versus haters brand measure held up against academic rigor. So we validated it against 7 different brand equity / brand measures.

And to raise the ante, we pitted these validations against all 3 brand measurement levels:

  • Consumer level (consumer-based brand equity, proxy measures for brand equity)
  • Product level
  • Firm level

And then, at the consumer level, the Brand Mojo lovers versus haters brand measure was validated against 5 other (more complicated) consumer level approaches.

Since validations are so much fun, we didn't stop there. So the consumer level brand valuations included 3 levels of consumer involvement purchases:

  • High involvement purchases
  • Medium involvement purchases
  • Low involvement purchases

In addition, over 50 different consumer goods were involved in the validation.

Through all these different brand measurement validations, the Brand Mojo lovers versus haters brand measurement scale has consistently been shown to be convergently, predictively and discriminantly valid. That's like getting the gold standard stamp of approval from the Simon Cowell of academic judges.